Letter to Governor Gavin Newsom

Governor Newsom,

I hope that by the time you get this you will have become plain old Mr. Newsom, not Governor Newsom. I would prefer that you become inmate Newsom; as your management of this state has not only been reprehensible, it has been treasonable against the people of California.

I was born in this state sixty-three years ago, and over the course of those sixty-three years I have watched this state go from one of the best in the country, to the laughingstock of the country. All that is due to the ridiculous laws coming out of Sacramento. You are certainly not to blame for all of them, but you have put the welfare of others over those who work; and pay your salary I might add.

For instance, back in July you issued an invitation for all the world’s homeless to come to this state to, how did you put it, enjoy the California Dream? What kind of nonsense is that? We have enough of a homeless problem and you invite them from around the world to come live here? Then of course there was your idea of setting the homeless up in free housing during the initial outbreak of Covid; while people who actually held down jobs and paid rent were struggling to make ends meet; largely in part to the high cost of living and the crippling taxes this state imposes upon its citizens.

Over the past week or so the number of advertisements on the television regarding this recall election has intensified, with many promoting the idea that it is a Trump based recall. No, sir, it isn’t. This recall is due to the fact that you have, and the other scumbags in the Legislature, have run this state into the ground. However, since you’re the top dog, the big cheese, the head honcho, the buck stops with you; and you’ve got to go!

I would like to thank you for one thing though; forcing me to break a vow I made in 2001; to never vote in an election again. After I had voted for George W. Bush in the 2000 Presidential Election, then saw what his administration did to my rights and liberty after 9/11, I came to the conclusion that the Republicans stunk just as bad as the Democrats, and I decided that I would never again vote to elect anyone to office. I may vote to try and defeat ballot or bond measures, but as far as choosing which tyrant will lord over me…I WAS DONE WITH PUTTING MY TRUST IN THE ELECTION PROCESS.

You sir have forced me to break that vow. While I did not choose who your replacement might be, I did cast a vote to recall you. Here are a few of the reasons I did so, and just to let you know, I did not vote for, neither did I support Donald Trump; my decision to vote for your recall was based solely upon how poorly you have managed this state.

Unlike many of my fellow Californians, my memory extends beyond what I had for breakfast this morning, so I remember how, back in 2019, you boasted of our record budget surplus; what your plans were. Where has that surplus gone? In just two short years your management of this state has seen us go from having a record surplus to a deficit. Of course, you cut some programs, and raised a few taxes to diminish the damage done; nevertheless, your policies have cost us much and given us very little in return.

Then there is the treasonable way in which our water storage facilities have been managed. That water belongs to the people of California, entrusted to you for our use. I do not know whether this is true, but I was told by some folks at a local bait and tackle shop that when our lakes and reservoirs are full, they hold a 5-year supply of water in case of drought. In March of 2019 Lake Oroville sat at 801 ft, with a projected inflow that would raise it to 830 ft by March 10. Now it is a mud puddle!

It is not just Lake Oroville either; all our lakes and reservoirs are sitting at dangerously low levels. Where has all OUR water gone? Either you, or the California Department of Water Resources, are inept, or you have done as I’ve heard rumors; sold our water off to others to fund programs in this state; selling off our future and our ability to grow the crops that are the backbone of our economy, while providing families the water they need to survive.

That right there, sir, is my biggest complaint against you; it is not only ineffective management, it is criminal, and you should be made to pay for it! Unfortunately, there’s more…

Your handling of this Covid scandemic was deplorable. While things have loosened up a bit, California’s economy has still not recovered, (and never will), from the steps you took to slow the spread of Covid. I personally know dozens of people who either lost their jobs permanently, or whose businesses have gone under because of the shutdowns you imposed upon the people of this state.

I was fortunate enough to be at the age where I could apply for retirement; having reached 62 years of age when the mask mandate was rolled out. Although I took a substantial cut in what I could have earned had I retired at 65, I jumped at the chance to retire early; BECAUSE I REFUSE TO WEAR A STUPID DAMNED FACE MASK FOR A VIRUS THAT KILLS LESS THAN 1% OF THOSE IT INFECTS!

Since retiring I have not curtailed my lifestyle; I still go shopping, and to the home improvement stores to purchase materials for projects around the house – NEVER WEARING A MASK. Yet I have not even gotten a sniffle; although I’ve certainly come into contact with those, so-called, asymptomatic people infected with the Covid virus.

We are constantly told to trust the science being presented to us by the ‘officials.’ Yet the media, and those officials for that matter, refuse to allow those who disagree, or have science of their own, to voice their opinions; for it contradicts the narrative of Dr. Fauci and the pharmaceutical companies that are telling us the ONLY way out of this is to take an experimental vaccine. Across the country the screws are being tightened; imposing tighter restrictions upon who can obtain services if they are unvaccinated. As it stands now, if I were to need a major medical procedure, I could not obtain it unless I submit and take the vaccine. Isn’t that a violation of the Hippocratic Oath; to deny medical care to a person because they have refused to have something put into their bodies just because some government flunky says it is necessary?

Then there is your position on our unalienable right to keep and bear arms; which requires little input on my part – your record on that speaks for itself!

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention your stance on illegal immigration. I have no qualms with anyone, from any country, coming to this country to work or live – just do it legally! Back in 2018, while you were still Lt. Governor, you declared that California would remain a sanctuary state; a safe harbor for those who have entered this country illegally.

I will not deny that many of these ‘illegals’ do work that regular folks won’t; the backbreaking labor involved in harvesting all the produce California produces. Yet along with those people come an influx of people who either become burdens upon society, or bring violent crime with them. Your open-ended support for these people, placing their welfare above the welfare of those who work and pay taxes, is a disgrace. You, sir, do not represent the people of Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, or any of the other country’s south of the border, YOU REPRESENT THE PEOPLE OF CALIFORNIA.

People tell me all the time that I’m an angry old man. Why shouldn’t I be? I spent nearly ¼ century in the service of my country; as a member of our armed forces, and as a contractor working side by side with our armed forces. Yet I am governed at the state level by a full-blown socialist, and at the federal level I am governed by an imbecile that can barely finish a sentence, and who has one foot in the funny farm and the other in an assisted living facility. What’s there to be angry about?

All the time I served my country I did so with pride; thinking I was defending freedom. The only thing is, I was seeing that freedom that I thought I’d been defending being taken from me by the very government/s which were supposed to be protecting it.

I do not know if this recall effort will be successful; I certainly hope it will be. I also do not know who will replace you if it is; and I don’t honestly care; we could vote in Porky Pig and he’d do a better job than you have!

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