I Don’t Want To Be A Party Pooper

Whenever I sit down to write I am merely trying to take information that I have learned and express it in a way that is easily understood by those who take the time to read my commentaries. As I continually learn new things I find that positions I once took may have been flawed, but that is part of the learning process and I accept that I may not always be right in my assessment of things. I truly wish that people would, instead of relying solely upon me for their information, seek to educate themselves as well.

I can’t even remember when I really began writing in earnest, it seems like it hasn’t been that long at all. Then I go back and look at some of my early articles and I see that I have been at it for almost ten years. Ten years seems like a long time, but in reality it isn’t that long at all compared to many of the friends I have met over the course of those ten years. Some of these people I am proud to call my friends have been at it much longer than I have, and they are far more educated than I could ever hope to be.

In my early years I focused primarily upon two issues; gun control and illegal immigration. While these two issues are of importance, it is foolish for anyone to focus so much attention upon them. To do so is to develop tunnel vision which hinders one from seeing the extent of the problems that face this country.

Imagine if you will that there is an arsonist driving down a country road setting brush fires every few miles. Of course those who live in close proximity to a particular fire are going to pay attention to the fire closest to their home. Yet they are not seeing the true danger, the arsonist who is responsible for setting the fires in the first place. So it is with the issues, if you focus too much on any particular issue you will not be able to see how complex the web of deceit and betrayal our government is guilty of.

Four years ago, in the last presidential election, I still held a certain amount of faith in the system, that we could change things in this country at the ballot box. When Ron Paul announced his candidacy for president I thought I had found a candidate who could bring about the type change needed to turn our country around and restore our government to one of limited powers as outlined in the Constitution.

With the birth of the Tea Party movement I felt a glimmer of hope that maybe people had finally gotten it, that there was still hope. I supported Congressman Paul by contributing to his campaign, making up Ron Paul Revolution banners, and handing out flyers about him at work and leaving them in magazines at my doctor’s office. In short, I put all my eggs in one basket, the Ron Paul Revolution basket.

While I really don’t have anything bad to say about Congressman Paul, that experience taught me a valuable lesson. First, I learned that even though Ron Paul ran as a Republican, the GOP would not support him. I contacted my local GOP office, and the state headquarters of the GOP, trying to get campaign material to advertise for him. All my requests went ignored, or were denied. It seems that even though he ran as a Republican, the GOP would not endorse him as one of their own.

Secondly I watched how the media did their best to discredit him and minimize his message. While it was to be expected, at the time I thought his message of limited government and fiscal responsibility would still strike a chord with the American people. I was wrong. The average American does not think for them, they have their thoughts fed to them by the mainstream media. They are told they have a choice, but that their choice is between the candidates that the networks approve of. This is a crucial distinction and it is important that you understand it.

If you are told you have a choice between candidates A and B, but not told that candidate C exists, how are you to learn of the existence of an alternative between A and B? Or perhaps you are told candidate C exists, but he is a lunatic, would you take the time to find out if, in fact, he really was a lunatic? Or, if you were told that by voting for candidate C you would be taking votes away from candidate A, who is the lesser of two evils between A and B, would you still waste your vote on candidate C? You see, most people have this sports mentality when choosing a candidate for office; they want to be able to say they are on a winning team. They would rather vote for someone who stands a chance of winning, than vote for someone who shares the same beliefs as they do.
What I learned is that there is a concerted effort in both the media, and in the political parties in maintaining the status quo. People like Congressman Paul are tolerated in Congress, where he is known by the nickname Dr. No, where they can do little damage to the agenda of those who really run things in this country. But they will not be allowed to get into a position where they can pose any serious threat to their plans. Sorry people, I don’t want to be a party pooper but it just isn’t going to happen.

Furthermore, let us remember what Stalin once said, “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” With all the questions regarding the security of electronic voting, and the voter fraud that routinely takes place; it is easy enough to see that even if a candidate such as Ron Paul made a good showing at the polls, the numbers could easily be rigged to go against him.

Let’s just say that by some miracle Ron Paul did win the nomination and get enough votes to become our next president, so what? What do you think he could do to fix all that is wrong with our country? The president cannot enact laws, nor can he revoke them of his own volition.

The recent debt ceiling fiasco ought to be enough to show us that a President Paul would be powerless to stop the madness of an unlimited national debt. You all saw how a few Tea Party Congressmen were vilified and called financial terrorists when they stood up for serious cuts in Congressional spending. Can you imagine the outrage and the panic that would take place if a President Paul attempted to seriously cut back Congressional spending? There is no way that any substantial cuts he might propose would make it through both houses of Congress; and if he stood his ground, there is no way he would sign any budget that was merely a continuation of business as usual.

Not only that, but too many people in this country fear a shutdown of their government. It shouldn’t be like that, after all, the states are supposed to be sovereign and independent entities that are quite capable of handling their internal affairs without the assistance of the federal government. But for far too long they have slowly relinquished their sovereignty and become reliant upon government subsidies for things that they should have been managing on their own.

You see, this country is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If we ever did get a President who had the courage and fortitude to stand his ground and demand serious cutbacks in the size and scope of government, Congress would fight him tooth and nail and our government would shut-down, causing a collapse of our economy. On the other hand, if we continue as we currently are, with our national debt now exceeding our gross domestic product, our country will eventually go bankrupt and our economy will crash as well. The way I see it is either way we are screwed!

As I stated at the beginning, I am continually learning new things, and this article is merely a reflection of my current state of mind. You see, I don’t know if I have gotten cynical in the past four years, or if I’m just being realistic. I know that people need something to which they can cling to for hope. Ron Paul offers them that vision of hope. I truly hope that I am wrong, that there still is some kind of hope for our nation’s future. More importantly though, I hope that if I am right, that all these people who placed all their hopes and dreams upon a Ron Paul candidacy aren’t too disappointed if things turn out the way I predict they will. Because believe me, if Ron Paul does not get elected, I don’t see our country surviving as a free republic long enough to hold another presidential election.

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