Sorry Bout The Gloom And Doom

As I stated in my last commentary my journey in learning what has been happening in my country has been an ongoing process, and one in which will continue until the day I take my last breath. Some people are further along in this evolutionary process than I, and maybe they see things different than I do, but at this particular point in time I am filled with a sense of dread for what lies in our countries future.

I am constantly being told that people are waking up, that people are beginning to get it. Maybe, maybe not…but are they waking up fast enough to stave off what’s coming, and more importantly are enough of them waking up to halt what I see as our nation’s impending self-destruction?

With the magnitude of the problems that face our country, it is easy for a single individual to become disenchanted and to lose hope; therefore they need a cause that they can follow, something to cling to that gives them a sense of hope. For many, especially those who have recently had their eyes opened to what is happening in America, the Tea Party provides them with that hope, a group of like-minded individuals who only want our country returned to one in which its government abides by the principles contained in the Constitution.

But you see, it’s just not that easy to fix what is wrong with America. Do you honestly think that by changing the captain and crew of the Titanic after it had struck the iceberg would have saved that ship? Neither do I. Nor will changing a president and a few members of Congress stop what has been allowed to happen to America.

Say, by some miracle, Ron Paul got elected; do you think he is going to be able to change things in four years? Say he got in front of a camera and gave a speech to the American people, saying that their Congress had been bought and were political lackeys to the special interests; say he explained in clear cut details the evils of central banks, do you think the average American would sit through his speech before changing the channel? Do you think the average America would be willing to sacrifice a bit of their comfort to do what is in our nation’s best interest? Hell no they wouldn’t!

Neither party in D.C. has a clue as to how to fix what is wrong in America. Both Bush and Obama bailed out portions of the financial sector saying that they could not be allowed to fail if our economy were to survive. How many financial stimulus packages have we seen; how many Quantative Easing’s have we seen as well? All they are doing is pumping worthless money into a system that is broken. It is like trying to pour water out of a cup into a swimming pool that has a whole the size of a basketball in it.

Although I am all for it, you just cannot cut spending on programs that people rely upon for their sustenance. People need some means of supporting themselves, and that means jobs, and jobs that pay well enough to pay the bills and put food on the table. How can we do that when our country no longer has a manufacturing base that builds things that people want to buy. With our country importing most of the goods that we consume, we cannot expect to provide the type jobs that will provide people with an income that will sustain the style of life to which they are accustomed.

We have already begun to see the economic rumblings of our leader’s ineptitude; with the downgrading of our credit rating and the following plunge in the stock market. These, I believe, are only the beginning, and as long as they continue to pump money into a broken system we will see prices go up, and more people not being able to make ends meet.

Also, not to go into the subject of immigration too deeply, we cannot continue to allow people to enter this country, both legally and illegally and then subsidize their existence; it is just too much a drain on the system and it needs to be stopped before any repairs can be made.

I was reading a blog post of a writer in London who was writing about the riots that are currently taking place there. One thing she said struck me, “The people running Britain had absolutely no clue how desperate things had become.” That is how I see it here in America too. Those idiots in D.C. have no idea of how desperate some Americans are. They seem unable to realize that with their misguided policies that more and more people are going to become desperate. What is going to happen when our country reaches a flashpoint and people lose all hope? Will we see riots in our streets on the scale of what is happening in London?

The mess that our country is in is so complicated, so intertwined, that by changing out a few people here and there in our government, nothing is going to change, and that includes electing Ron Paul for president.

We need to severe the umbilical cord that ties our elected representatives to the evil bastards whose only desire is to make themselves rich at our expense. We need to rebuild America, bring jobs back to this country before we talk about dismantling the monster that our government has become. And finally we need to educate our youth that it is not our government’s job to catch them if they fall. They need to learn that only by motivation and hard work can they achieve success. As long as they know that there are government programs to take care of them if they run into hard times, that isn’t going to happen. Finally, the people need to unplug their damn TV’s and start paying attention to what the people they elect are doing.

You see, I don’t see any of this happening though, not as long as a good majority of the people have a roof over their head, food to eat, and TV to watch. It is only when they truly begin to suffer that we will see change. But will they embrace the type change needed, or will they take to the streets as are the people of London, burning and trashing their neighborhoods indiscriminately? Only time will tell, and therein lies the root cause of my concern, I don’t see us having that much time left. Food for thought, and sorry if I sound so gloomy, but I only write what’s on my mind, and this is what has been troubling me as of late. I truly hope that events transpire to prove me wrong, but I am not holding my breath. In fact, I am preparing for the possibility that it all comes crumbling down around us…are you?

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