Am I Destined To Piss Everyone Off?

People say they love truth, but in reality they want to believe that which they love is true.
Robert J. Ringer

Sometimes when I stop and think about how long I’ve been doing this, writing I mean, I have to stop and say, “Damn, I’ve been doing this shit for a long time!” I began writing letters to my elected officials and to the editors of various newspapers about midway through the presidency of George H. W. Bush. So, you figure 2 years of Bush Sr., 8 years of Clinton, 8 years of Bush Jr. and now Obama, and I’ve been at it awhile.

Most people live their entire lives in a shroud of ignorance, blind to the reality that is going on all around them. I was no different, I only wrote about laws that I considered idiotic. However, somehow that shroud of ignorance got torn and the truth began to find its way in. As I began learning more and more about the conspiracies and machinations of our government, and those who pull their strings, became apparent, the shroud was rent from my mind and I discovered that almost everything I had believed in had been a lie.

My mind then became a sponge that soaked up knowledge. I began reading the writings of the founders, reading legislation, and Supreme Court rulings. In reading the writings of the founders, particularly Thomas Jefferson, one thing impressed me; the fact that their education was so broad. Jefferson not only understood the various forms by which government may assume, but he also understood philosophy, finances, and most importantly, human nature.

Jefferson once said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” One thing I have noticed, there are far more ignorant people in this country than there are informed ones. Too many people still have faith in the ‘system’, in the election process to solve this nation’s problems. I do not.

Over the course of nearly 20 years of writing I have noticed one thing, people will agree with me when I am writing about something they firmly believe in. Yet the moment I began to cast doubt upon a belief they hold dear, they will turn on me, and sometimes go so far as to no longer speak to me. However, the truth will remain the truth whether or not a person chooses to believe it, and a lie will remain a lie no matter how many people choose to believe it.

I may not be 100% right all the time, or even 50% right all the time. All I ask is that people take the time to think about what I say and not dismiss me because what I say pisses them off. Anger is an emotion, and if you are responding to something in anger, then you are not THINKING!

When I say that I don’t think the Tea Party, or Ron Paul are going to be able to save this country, I know I am attacking something that a great many people believe in, and that it angers them. They mistake what I am saying for surrender, for throwing in the towel and giving up on the principles which I hold dear. They couldn’t be further from the truth, I will defend those principles, my rights and my liberty to my death, but I do not believe that there is any hope whatsoever in saving this country by merely voting in a few candidates who are liberty minded and who understand the Constitution. Let me try to explain why I say this.

First of all, let’s say the miracle of all miracles happens; Ron Paul gets the Republican nomination…and then gets elected as President…then what? The President has no legislative authority. Sure, he could end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and bring our troops home, but what else could he do? Alone he could not end the chokehold the FED has upon our monetary system. Read your history and especially the battle between former President Andrew Jackson and the Central Banks and then you may begin to realize who and what Ron Paul would be up against. Would he be up to that kind of battle? Would the American people stand behind him…would Congress, whose open ended credit was about to be curtailed? Could he undo nearly a century’s worth of damage in four short years?

For the sake of argument, let’s say he could…what then? When his term expired and a new president was elected, do you think the Central Bankers would just give up their desire for control of our monetary supply and go away? Again, history shows that they are nothing, if not persistent. How long would our new-found monetary freedom last before we once again found ourselves under the thumbs of some form of centralized banking?

All this is based upon his winning the nomination and becoming our president. What if he doesn’t? Lest you haven’t noticed, this country is on the fast track to both economic ruin, and oppression. Our government has abandoned the Constitution and is running amok with powers it was never intended they wield. How much longer does our republic have before it is gone forever?

Now this is where people seem to misunderstand me. They think that when I say our republic is going to disappear that America is just going to up and vanish. Not so, it will still exist, but our way of life, with all our inherent rights and freedoms, will be gone.

As long as the majority of the people remain blindly faithful to their political parties, while ignoring the truth that is right in front of their faces, nothing is going to change in this country. I have been reminded over and over of the three percent factor, that it was only 3% of the people who fought in the American Revolution and gained our independence from Britain.

Believe me, I know all about it. I am one of those three Percenters, and when tyranny comes knocking on my door I will be the first to stand and fight against it. But let’s say we reach a tipping point, where that 3% decides that is has had enough, and that peaceful means are no longer sufficient…what then?

Say there is a revolution, and that it does not tear this country apart; say that it is successful, that we roust the traitors in D.C. from their offices and they are all hung for their crimes against the people…what then? This is where I see human nature coming into play. What would become of this nation after the successful conclusion of any possible revolution? What government would we install to manage the affairs of this nation? Would we again use the Constitution as the framework for this government, or would a dictatorship follow?

If this revolution were to have as its foundation the principles explained in the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, then what do you think would happen? You see, while it may only take 3% to win a revolution, if we go back to a system of government based upon the Constitution there remains the 97% who would elect the people who occupy the seats of power in that government. These are the ones we have to worry about, they have been accustomed to their government taking care of their every need, coddling and babysitting them from cradle to grave. They have no understanding of what it means to be free… and if you ask me, they couldn’t handle freedom. They would soon be voting for people who are willing to vote into laws programs to take care of them because they couldn’t take care of themselves. Add to that the politically correct belief that it is society’s duty to care for the less fortunate, and then what do you see happening to any new found freedom and liberty?

The ONLY way this country could be saved is if an overwhelming majority of the people understood the principles upon which it was founded, if they cherished their rights, most importantly the right defined by Justice Louis Brandeis “the right to be le[f]t alone.”

George Mason once said that “In all our associations; in all our agreements let us never lose sight of this fundamental maxim – that all power was originally lodged in, and consequently is derived from, the people.”

If enough people realized that they are the ultimate sovereigns, that their government is not their master, then we may have a fighting chance. Daniel Webster once said, “The inherent right in the people to reform their government, I do not deny; and they have another right, and that is to resist unconstitutional laws without overturning the government.”

These unconstitutional laws do not exist simply because some government agency says they do, they exist because we allow them to. Jefferson once said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” As long as people submit to these unconstitutional laws and infringements of their rights, then we have no chance. Our only chance will be if enough people grow a set of balls and say they are going to exercise their rights and the government be damned, that we can have a chance.

A few paltry peaceful protestors holding signs does not strike the fear of God into our government, but if 20 or 30 million Americans suddenly marched on D.C. with loaded side-arms and hunting rifles they might get the picture.

Nope, neither Ron Paul, nor a revolution will change the course this nation is on until the people of this country once again, in numbers sufficient to make a difference, believe in the principles contained in our founding documents. We may achieve small victories here and there, but the course our nation is upon will not change until that happens.

I know I may have upset some people with the things I have just said, but it is simply the way I personally see things. I am not asking you to give up the fight for our freedom and liberty, just asking you to not place all your hope and belief in one person, or even a movement of people, to save this country.

You know, Don Marquis once said, “If you make people think they’re thinking, they’ll love you. If you really make them think, they’ll hate you.” I have found that to be so true…the more I speak what’s really on my mind, the more my so-called friends abandon me. That’s okay with me. I came into this world by myself and when I die it will be a singularly personal event as well. I suppose if I have to, I can live the period between those two events alone as well…as long as I remain true to my beliefs is all that is important to me.

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4 Responses to Am I Destined To Piss Everyone Off?

  1. kdzu says:

    I am newly come to your blog and love it, your thoughtful essays and love of freedom. While perhaps not quite as well read and informed I have been espousing many of the same ideas to my small circle over the past 40 or so years.

    You are right. Many will come, if not to hate, to ignore, you, because the truths are not what they want to hear. They are not comfortable thinking about liberty and freedom. Being told what to think, when to wake up, where to go to work, how many hours to work, how to vote…..makes life just that little bit easier. They just don’t have to think, or make a choice to stand firm, or whether what is going on around them is right… They only have to bend a little this way, or that, to get along, to fit in…to be accepted.

    Being out of the herd is uncomfortable, we feel vulnerable, exposed for all to see. We fear the focus of ALL on the One. We start looking for a rock to hide under, or perhaps, to throw.

    The only way I see to avoid those T.H.I.N.G.S.. that cause those anxieties is to so focus on becoming so wealthy, in not just money,.. in wisdom, in foresight, that we can move ourselves and our loved ones out of the way of the crisis to where ever in the world we deem fit, with skills allowing us to function, survive, even thrive, no matter what comes.

    At least that’s my view from right here, today.

    Keep on writing. Keep on standing firm. There will always be a small remnant that will hear, and endure.

  2. You know what’s really scary? The Central Banks are more powerful today than they were when Jackson was Pres.

    At least with Paul in there, we’d have veto power over stupid laws Congress tries to pass, and also the runaway spending. Plus, an end to all the wars that Obama promised to get us out of. But yeah, not expecting miracles, especially since most of Congress and the entire Senate are on the take.

  3. Don says:

    Your writing never pisses me off Neal. Like you, many decades ago I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and I will continue to do so until I pass on. At least I am now old enough, that unless America’s descent into total tyranny occurs rapidly and soon, I will probably not live long enough to experience the worst of it.

  4. Neal says:

    I have been getting numerous e mails from someone who insists I am giving up. If I were, I wouldn’t waste my time writing, I’d just go off and hide in the hills and wait for the end. But I am not holding out much hope for this country.

    I look around me and I see all the idiots who don’t have the faintest idea of what it would be like to be free of governmental regulations and infringements of their rights and I wonder how they would handle true freedom…or if they could.

    Ron Paul would be a victory, as he would slow down…for awhile…the process of decay that this country has been undergoing. But it would only be temporary.

    As I said in an e mail to this person, the day I can strap a Glock to my hip and go outside without fear of being hassled, I will know that we have won. But I see it as I would hearing that a family member has stage 4 cancer. I would still love that person, just not hold out much hope for their survival. That is how I feel about this country. I still love it, but don’t hold out much hope for its future as a land based upon freedom and liberty.

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