What Took Them So Long?

Before becoming mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel was White House Chief of Staff for Barack Obama. While serving in that capacity he was quoted as giving away a dirty little secret about the government, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

In response to the Trayvon Martin shooting House Democrats are now attempting to put a clause into a Commerce Department spending bill that would withhold grants from states that have ‘stand your ground’ laws. In all truthfulness I’m surprised it took them this long to get around to pulling a stunt like this.

My personal sentiments aside, the arrest and upcoming prosecution of George Zimmerman should remain a local issue, confined to the criminal justice system having jurisdiction over the parties involved in the case. The federal government should not, unless the outcome of the trial is appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, ever become involved in it.

But of course, being the busybodies they are, and applying what Rahm Emanuel said, the federal government simply couldn’t keep their fingers out of an issue they have absolutely no business, nor authority to involve themselves in.

With the insertion of this clause into that Commerce bill the federal government is attempting to limit an unalienable right because one individual may, or may not, have overstepped his authority and abused that right. What they are attempting to do is to bribe, or bully, states into repealing “stand your ground” laws by withholding funds from them if they do not.

Have you ever heard the term coercion? In most instances it is considered a crime, and is defined as “The intimidation of a victim to compel the individual to do some act against his or her will by the use of psychological pressure, physical force, or threats.” But that is hardly relevant any more as it appears that our government seems to consider itself above the law. So what’s a little intimidation to accomplish its goals? But I digress from the issue at hand.

The goal, or endgame of this clause inserted into the Commerce Bill by House Democrats is to further limit a person’s right, and ability, to legally defend their home. By repealing stand your ground laws the government expects us all to rely solely upon law enforcement for our protection, to dial 911 and cower in the corner until police arrive, or make a mad dash for safety, hoping an intruder does not get off a lucky shot and kill us while we are fleeing.

You know, I could almost, [notice I said almost], agree with that idea if there were a policeman on every street corner, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. But unfortunately there isn’t, and in some instances police response times to burglaries take up to 30 minutes.
It is bad enough that in my home state if I use deadly force to defend my home I must be able to prove that I feared for my life, or that of my family. Am I, upon hearing a noise in my home at 2 a.m., poke my head out the bedroom door and ask, “Do you intend to simply rob me, or do you have plans to kill me” before deciding whether or not to pick up a firearm and discharge it? Sorry, and it’s not that I have no respect for human life, but if that scenario were to happen, that individual would have no right being in my house, and therefore would have forfeited all rights to live.

Have you ever heard the phrase a man’s home is his castle? While simply a phrase, the precept dates back to English common law. The Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins states, “You are the boss in your own house and nobody can tell you what to do there. No one can enter your home without your permission. In 1644, English jurist Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) was quoted as saying: ‘For a man’s house is his castle, et domus sua cuique tutissimum refugium’ (‘One’s home is the safest refuge for all’).”

While some may see this as a Second Amendment right, it isn’t, it is much more. It boils down to the basic premise of property rights. Does your home belong to you, or does it belong to the government? If it is yours, then how can the government lay any restrictions upon YOU personally defending it?

Many of our laws have, as their origins, English Common Law, as it existed at the time our founders drafted the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. In the 18th century Sir William Blackstone wrote a treatise entitled Commentaries on the Laws of England, from which I quote, “The fifth and last auxiliary right of the subject, that I shall at present mention, is that of having arms for their defense . . .” The right of self-defense was, at the time our nation was founded, considered a fundamental, inalienable right or natural law. Our founders would have laughed in the face of anyone who told them they must first retreat to safety before defending what was rightfully theirs.

From his treatise The Law, Frederic Bastiat stated, “Each of us has a natural right—from God—to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life, and the preservation of any one of them is completely dependent upon the preservation of the other two.”

Of all the laws my government passes which infringe upon my rights, the ones they pass which infringe upon my unalienable right to defend my family, my property, and myself, are the ones that bring my blood to a boil.
Have you ever heard the term serf? From Wikipedia I quote, “Serfdom is the status of peasants under feudalism, specifically relating to manorialism. It was a condition of bondage or modified slavery which developed primarily during the High Middle Ages in Europe and lasted in some countries until the mid-19th century.

Serfs who occupied a plot of land were required to work for the Lord of the Manor who owned that land, and in return were entitled to protection, justice and the right to exploit certain fields within the manor to maintain their own subsistence. Serfs were often required not only to work on the lord’s fields, but also his mines, forests and roads. The manor formed the basic unit of feudal society and the Lord of the Manor and his serfs were bound legally, economically, and socially. Serfs formed the lowest social class of feudal society.”
I don’t know about you, but I am not a serf, I am a freeman, with all the associated rights that go along with being a freeman. I don’t like it when my government thinks it can tell me what I can, or cannot do, with my land or my property. And I most certainly do not like it when they tell me I cannot defend what I have worked for all my life!

James Madison in writing about property, once said, “In the former sense, a man’s land, or merchandize, or money is called his property…He has a property very dear to him in the safety and liberty of his person…In a word, as a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights. Where an excess of power prevails, property of no sort is duly respected. No man is safe in his opinions, his person, his faculties, or his possessions.”

I don’t know if this bill is going to pass Congress and I don’t know if the states will crumble under the pressure and infringe upon our right to defend what is ours. In Thomas Jefferson’s Commonplace Book he quotes Cesare Beccaria, “False is the idea of utility that sacrifices a thousand real advantages for one imaginary or trifling inconvenience; that would take fire from men because it burns, and water because one may drown in it; that has no remedy for evils except destruction. The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.”

Our government was instituted to safeguard our rights, and instead it is guilty of violating them every chance it gets. I, for one, am sick and damn tired of it. To close, I’d like to quote the opening comments from Bastiat’s The Law, “The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it! The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose! The law become the weapon of every kind of greed! Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!
If this is true, it is a serious face, and moral duty requires me to call the attention of my fellow-citizens to it.” Having said my piece I have called your attention to another attempt by your government to pervert the law. Whether or not you choose to remain silent, or idle about it is entirely up to you. But in this instance, I WILL stand my ground!

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5 Responses to What Took Them So Long?

  1. Chris says:

    Eloquently written as always Neal. There’s a reason your on my favorites bar.

  2. Billie says:

    Greetings Neal…..! You have indeed hit the nail on the head. What King George was unable to do has now been accomplished by the global oligarchs, represented in America by the Federal Reserve system of the international bankster cabal and some of its owners on Wall Street. There has been a coup d’tat; we have been conquered in a bloodless coup. Our new lords absolutely see us as serfs and they are working diligently to produce that effect in its entirety.

    All the symbols of our former Republic have been left in place in order to gull the People and that job has also been done very well. We have a “unitary executive”, more commonly understood as dictatorship; we have a group of bank reps who are members of a very exclusive club of “nobles” called ‘congress’ that represent the interests of our new lords. We have a Supreme Court that will always rule in favor of their lordly masters. Apparently all it takes is money and maybe a threat or two. We are descending into a tyrannical surveillance/police at warp speed.

    We do not own our property; it belongs to the state; they tell us what we can do with it, whether or not we can have a well or are forced to use city water poisoned with flouride and chlorine. They will allow us to live on property as long as we pay them a tribute or ‘tax’ for the privilege. If you don’t pay the tax you will be booted into the street.

    We do not own our income; it belongs to the state. The state tells us what percentage of our income we will be allowed to keep and also instructs us on how we may spend the remainder without making further payments to our Lords. Every wire transfer of funds must pass through the Federal Reserve “Fedline” and we are ordered to explain exactly why we are transferring these funds; we must explain ourselves and be ‘approved’ or we will not be allowed to do what we wish with our own money……because it is not our own and we have no privacy in our use of it. The banking system monitors all of our credit, balances, financial activities and transfers. If you believe all of this is to combat ‘terrorism’, to keep us safe or to reduce crime……. I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

    We do not own our bodies; they belong to the state. The state will tell us what we may or may not eat or drink (see “raw Milk”, GMO frankenfoods, “Michigan goes hog wild” slaughter of free range pigs owned by small farmers; government officials invade picnic and force organic farmers to destroy food with bleach ; and the wonderful new “law”; S510 the new FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act ). One of our most prominent Lordly oligarchs is Henry Kissinger who observed…… when you control oil, you control nations but when you control food, you control everyone. In addition, due to the wonders of Obamacare, the state will ration medical care to their serfs as well; it’s all being done with determination and dispatch.

    Many of the oligarch’s minions studied with a bizarre Professor at the University of Chicago named Leo Strauss. He filled their pea brains with the notion of a world entirely run by an “elite” group that would own and control everything while they were served by the unwashed masses they allowed to live; the New World Order. The People were to be controlled by manipulation and propaganda of every kind; and especially through religion. Strauss taught there was no such thing as a generally applicable “morality”; morality was subjective and therefore anything and everything was actually allowable to the “elites”; lies and propaganda, mass murder, theft, wars of aggression and mayhem of every kind was not only acceptable but desirable in order to properly organize the world and uphold natural law…. like survival of the “fittest”. How these guys ever get Ph.Ds I will never understand.

    The neoconservatives or “neocons” as they called themselves, masqueraded as “Republicans” when they were the opposite of what they declared themselves to be. They stage managed the coup….. the wars….. the debt…. endless propaganda …the new police state….terrorism and tyranny. There is but one two headed party in Washington and it serves the oligarchs while performing passion plays for the mentally deficient public….. who generally fall hard for these political performances. Historically serfdom is the norm; it is freedom that is new; it is a prosperous middle class that is unusual and the Lords have obviously had quite enough of it. They have busily created for us all the delights of a new Dark Age as they do indeed send us back in time.

    Stunningly Leo Strauss completely failed to recognize the most profound moral law of the universe; you may call it God’s law or Nature’s law but it’s the LAW and no one can ever escape it. It is called the Law of Cause and Effect; to every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. Perfect. We have always understood this great law but frequently trivialized it in our ignorance. We used to say, “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword” or the more modern colloquialism; “What goes around, comes around” but this law reminds me of the Johnny Cash song lyric, “You can run on for a long time, you can run on for a long time, but sooner or later God’ll cut you down”. The pendulum always swings back….That’s the LAW. That is hope for a better world right after we walk through this wall of fire……..

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