Why I’m Such A Cynical S.O.B.

Many people tell me that I am too pessimistic, too cynical, that I need to lighten up and get some optimism. I wish I could see it that way, I truly do, but nothing I see gives me any optimism. In 1851 Joseph de Maistre said, ” Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle merite ” or “Every nation has the government it deserves.” Sure our government is corrupt, sure our government is controlled by the special interests and the bankers, but, all the woes we face due to government can be directly traced back to us. We the people are suffering because of all the bad choices we have made for generations, we are suffering because we are too interested in being entertained than we are in being informed.

Now that statement does not apply to everyone as there has been a large scale awakening, of sorts. But still, the average person in this country still believes in the two party system, believes that government has their best interests in mind when they pass all these laws which infringe upon their rights. Unless there is a major shift if the fundamental belief that government is there to take care of our needs, nothing is going to change for the better in this country. It is that simple.

When I hear that a candidate, such as Ron Paul, is unelectable I often wonder why they say that. Not that Ron Paul alone could solve all the problems this country faces, but the concept of a candidate being unelectable is what I am addressing now. Why is it that any one man, or woman, can be called unelectable? The only thing that makes that person unelectable is the fact that people refuse to vote for them. Who cares if they do not have the support of either of the two political party machines? Is it not the voters that elect a candidate? Then if a person is unelectable it is ONLY because people refuse to vote for them.

Just the other day I saw a graphic on the internet which said, ” The government today is the direct result of voting for the lesser of two evils for generations.” I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. John Quincy Adams is quoted as saying, ” Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost .” So, when I hear people say that Ron Paul cannot win, I say it is because the person saying it does not have the courage to stand up for what they believe in and would rather vote for the lesser of two evils just because their choice is slightly better than who they are voting against.

For this country to ever stand a chance of returning to its former glory the people of this country are going to have to stop looking to government for all the answers to their problems, their failures, and their inability to provide things for themselves. In other words, people are going to have to shoulder some damn responsibility themselves.

Think about it, the people wanted health care, and so the government passed Obamacare. But what is Obamacare but a government run health care program. Did the people ever stop to think that maybe if they stopped shoveling all the garbage they eat into their mouths, got off their asses and did some exercise, that maybe, just maybe, they would not come down with all these illnesses? Oh now, but that would mean that they have to be responsible for their own health and it is not fair to expect people to be responsible any more.

The same principle goes towards those who wish to see the people’s right to own firearms taken away. They say it is the job of the police to protect us, that the average citizen does not need a gun for home protection. How can these people expect someone else to place their life on the line to protect them when they won’t lift a finger to protect themselves? How can these people say that because they do not want to accept the responsibility for protecting themselves that no one else should be allowed to either?

I have become so cynical because I see too many people who refuse to accept responsibility and continue to vote for people who think it is their role to take care of our ever need. So what if we elect a Ron Paul, we still have 50 state legislatures that are just as corrupt as the federal legislature. My home state of California is a prime example of what is going to happen to the rest of the states unless the people stop asking government to do things for them.

Mitt Romney can’t fix that, Barack Obama can’t fix that, and neither can Ron Paul. Sure Ron Paul has done much to awaken people to the root causes of our problems, but there are still far too many who believe in the system as it exists now. And if Ron Paul truly is unelectable at the federal level, then what does that say about who we can elect at the state and local levels?

One final thing. I completely realize that by my voting for Ron Paul I am taking away a vote from Mitt Romney, and in all likelihood helping Obama get re-elected. I also realize that Barack Obama is poison and that this country may not survive another four years of him as president. But, I look at it this way, this country is going to die, at least the principles it stood for will, unless we vote for someone who stands for the principles it was founded upon. If we vote for Romney it might just last a bit longer than it would under four more years of Obama. By me voting for Romney, I will still be casting a vote for the death of all I hold dear, and I cannot in clear conscience do that.

There comes times in the history of nations when the people will be faced with a choice which will be of enormous magnitude. This is such a time. Will we continue on our current path and allow our government to continue to grow, continue to usurp more power, and continue to infringe upon more rights, or will we stand for what we know is right and possibly change the course our nation finds itself upon. I know how I will choose, what about you?

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2 Responses to Why I’m Such A Cynical S.O.B.

  1. kdzu says:

    A friend and I were talking about this very thing today. He has wrapped his head around the fact that Obama will be re-elected, while I hold out hope that Romney can at least stave off disaster for another six months or so. I need to lay in more food and a calf or two. Both of us intend to vote for Ron Paul. If the demise of the nation is inevitable we can at least say we didn’t vote for it. Will it ever be possible to rebuild? Don’t know. May be a long turbulent time. We’ll have to concentrate on hearth and kin.

    • Neal says:

      There is another issue that I have not really delved into that much, and it is America’s overall sin. It is my belief that America was truly blessed by God when we obtained our liberty and our Constitution was written. But our nation’s survival was based upon our continued adherence to God’s laws. Look at us no with all the perversion and the killing of unborn children. I believe God has withdrawn His support from us and is allowing us to suffer, just as He did to the Bible when Israel did not obey His laws.

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